Artist: Tony Harnell

Track: "It Doesn't Matter"

Plays: 273 plays
You should play the first version{SA1 version} of It Doesn't Matter! Just sayin, bud!☆

Your request will be up soon my friend!

Where do you find all these sonic songs??

Well you can just download the MP3’s from a reliable source or use “Any video converter” that can turn videos into audio files.

Apologies for not being present yesterday I try my best to post new songs but I was stuck in school work.

Artist: Kenichi Tokoi, Tomoya Ohtani, ect.

Track: "Aquarium Park Act 1"

Plays: 1,399 plays
Can I request Aquarium Park Act 1? Thanks!

Your request will be up soon.

Artist: Nikki Gregoroff

Track: "My Sweet Passion"

Plays: 519 plays
Artist: Runblebee

Track: "Unawakening Float"

Plays: 369 plays
May I request Unawakening Float from SatSR please? ;u;

Your request will be up in a while.

Artist: Gunnar Nelson

Track: "Team Chaotix"

Plays: 1,891 plays
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